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An Explosion of Awakening

An Explosion of Awakening Archangel Michael through Rae Chandran

Greetings. Blessings and love to all, this is Archangel Michael. In the grandness of the universe, there are wondrous things to be discovered. The greatest discovery human beings can have at this time is self-discovery. When this slowly starts to happen, you will learn more and more of the universe. The year 2021 represents a marker point — a turning point in the history of humanity. Although the planet shifted a few years back on December 12, 2012, the coming year is the true beginning of a stronger imprint of this changed energy.

What we see in the year 2021 is a greater explosion of awakening throughout the planet. Twenty twenty-one will be marked as the great shift where more and more of humanity will start looking inward and the journey of self-discovery picks up momentum. We in the spirit realm designate the year of 2021 as the year of new beginnings.

What does it all mean? The planet Earth will be supported by higher beings of light, who are friendly and loving space brothers from outer space and other realities, in a more tangible way. The potential for contact between human beings and higher beings is very high. This contact will not be a one-time event; it will be a continually growing and evolving one. These contacts will be acknowledged by many world leaders, and it will bring people together in a more harmonious and united way.