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Dream Zone: Subconscious Protection

Dream Zone: Subconscious Protection Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I dreamed a million marbles came out of my mouth in a thin, wavy shape. The second they were all out, I felt a sudden sense of release, but it didn’t last, as they quickly forced their way back into my mouth. I vomited them out and had to build a force-field wall made of saliva to keep them away. The marbles stuck to the wall like magnets.

— Djinane, Kuwait

Lauri: When something comes out of your mouth in a dream, whether it is marbles, teeth, or anything else, it is almost always connected to something you have recently said in real life. Have you recently said something that felt great to finally get off your chest, only to then feel the need to take it back?

Djinane replies: That’s super interesting! I had the dream a few days after I found out my manipulative ex was getting an arranged marriage. We do not communicate anymore, but I told my sister that I felt worthless, something I’d never said out loud. She made me take it back.