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Discover a Talent You Didn’t Know You Had

Discover a Talent You Didn’t Know You Had Zoosh and Speaks of Many Truths through Robert Shapiro

You’re going to discover something unusual within yourselves. It is something that will come to the surface for all of you. It is a talent you didn’t know you had. Sometimes (in the recent past for some of you) some of your friends will say when you start doing this thing (and it will be incredibly easy for you): “Oh, I remember one time when you did that.” Your reaction will be, in your mind, “I wish you had told me then.” But don’t yell at anybody; you don’t even make a joke about it. This is something I want you to sort of nurture.

This is going to be, literally, something you didn’t know you could do, and for almost all of you, this will be something that will be valued by others. It might mean that it is something you can do to make a living or something you can do to help others in ways that you never imagined you would be doing. It might be any kind of thing, but it is going to change your lives for the better, even in the midst of this whole pandemic. So I want you to look forward to this, because that is going to happen for all of you.