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Diamonds Under Pressure

Diamonds Under Pressure the Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby

Has 2020 squeezed you enough? Has it cracked you open and left you feeling discombobulated, disassembled, or in pain? Okay, good. Congratulations! You diamonds-in-the-making are being created under immense pressure. You star travelers arrived here in different waves to be the special ops forces of galactic changes, wherever you go on assignment. You are worthy of Earth’s challenges and paradigm-shifting opportunities.

We speak to you now of the current state of the ongoing transformation of the Earth grids, light codes, and intertwining galactic and cosmic grids with your Earth bodies and daily lives. The decks are clearing and the stage is set for the re-creation of every aspect of your daily lives on planet Earth. The year 2021 is advancing to a new level of truth in manifestation. (As an aside, to support this higher-vibrational Earth program, some diamond beings are also being dropped off on Earth to assist and model your Earth re-creation project.)

Vajra, in the star-language Sanskrit, indicates great strength. The vajra symbol of the thunderbolt, a divine symbol used in many spiritual traditions, carries the full power of transformation in a split second. If you’ve ever been caught outside in a thunderstorm, you have glimpsed this great power. You feel fear and awe in the electrified air. This is respect. In 2021, you head into the powerful strength and transformational effects of the diamond vajra energies that flood your planet.