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The Crystal Garden: How to Predict Your Personal Future

The Crystal Garden: How to Predict Your Personal Future Margaret Ann Lembo

Predicting your personal future is as simple as envisioning your future. The imagination plays a key role in forecasting future events. Over the years, people have assumed that I can tell them their future. They’ve asked me, “What do you see?” My reply is, “What do I see about what?” When we leave the question in such a wide arena, the answers are vague and broad and can apply to anyone.

Here’s the follow-up question I ask them: “What do you want me to see for you?” Establish a clear-cut view of your potential future reality. Determine the outcome and various probable realities in all the ways that you would like your life to look like, feel like, and be like. Inspired thought from higher levels of awareness is amplified when you set an intention to spark your mind and bring forth great ideas.

As children, we played make-believe. Perhaps you played house, imagined you were a famous musician, or that you owned horses and stables. Whatever we imagined, we drew it, wrote about it, and acted out these ideas while playing with others. Though we may not be doing exactly what we imagined we would do when we grew up, facets of our imaginary playtime show up in various aspects of our life’s work.