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A Crossroads in Time: Humanity’s Moment of Truth

A Crossroads in Time: Humanity’s Moment of Truth The Words of Oneness through Rasha

This time marks your arrival at a monumental crossroads in the destiny of the human race and the planet you call home. This is the moment when you get to choose between moving forward and advancing as a species in a direction that nourishes and sustains all life or continuing on a perilous course that could lead to your ultimate destruction.

No compromise is now possible that will undo the damage done and reverse the tide poised to purge your planet of the density your species has left in its wake. This pivotal moment requires a radical change of direction for all humankind. Every man, woman, and child is being presented with a choice: to align with a unified vision of humanity and abandon the path of separation from Oneness and from each other, once and for all.

Every encounter with another being is an opportunity for you to stand at that crossroads and manifest this choice in every ongoing moment. Opting for a self-serving outcome to the detriment of others bears the inevitable consequence of adding the weight of that individual choice to the course of the collective that stands at this crossroads.