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Cross the Bridge to Equality

Cross the Bridge to Equality The Collective Soul Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais

Humanity has been fighting for equality in every aspect of life on Earth from primitive times to the present. With the year 2021, you come to a time of dramatic changes for you and Gaia. The desperation and fear you have been living through for many months will gradually lift as the new year begins on a note of hopefulness that comes with new possibilities.

With the energy of the new year 2021, fear-based religions that teach children using stories of hellfire and brimstone will increasingly be a thing of the past. Some parents finally realize that God is all about love and light. Your creative source gave all of you free will to figure out your human choices on Earth so that you can discover the balance between being humans and children of God. Wrath and punishment are creations that humans feel and use when their physical and spiritual energies are out of balance with one another.

It is time to realize and wake up to the knowledge that there is no such thing as a god of wrath or punishment. Such a god does not exist, dear ones; it is just a myth inside the mind where sometimes you let fear take root, creating wrath and indignation in all their forms.