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Create Your Dreams with the Help of the Universe

Create Your Dreams with the Help of the Universe Joan Spencer

Being clear, aligned, and focused on your vision increases the possibility of achieving it. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. You might ask, “Doesn’t knowing what I don’t want help me know why I want to change?” Yes, it can be part of a catalyst for your vision, but it shouldn’t be your central focus.

If you focus only on a negative thought, such as “I don’t want this job,” that is exactly what you’re likely to attract — a job you don’t want. Your guidance system hears “don’t want this job,” and it subsequently gives you more of “not wanting this job.” The universe simply listens to your intention and then accommodates by giving you more reasons to dislike it. Perhaps the universe is waiting for you to stop using your energy to complain and start focusing on the changes you want to make.

Focus on what you want so that your guidance system can clearly hear you. Instead of not wanting the job, change your intention to: “I would like a job where my talents are utilized and appreciated.” This will help you become a magnet for the kind of job you would most enjoy. There are many ways to bring focus to your dreams.