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Connecting Strands of Luminosity

Connecting Strands of Luminosity Archangel Christina through Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney

As the sun rises each morning in planetary rotation, so the sun of awakening rises in celestial rotation. It is assured. The transition is shaped by human reaction. That’s you. You are the human component. As silly as it may seem to make this point, you have a far greater impact on planetary consciousness than you yet perceive.

Let that sink in. You have the ability to affect global perceptions. This is not a burden; it is an opportunity to shine the light of peace into the collective consciousness. It is an invitation to choose how you focus your daily waking thoughts and feelings. Are you joining the fearful? Or are you standing as a beacon of peace?

It is simple to shine the light of love and peace for a short time, and then again and again. You do not need to be perfect or enlightened. This can be simple and sweet — blissful, even! Use every thought and feeling you have through the day as a springboard, reminder, or invitation to shine.