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Chaos Is Evidence of Powerful Change

Chaos Is Evidence of Powerful Change Various Beings through Miriandra Rota

Divine Mother: Greetings! I am the Divine Mother, and I come forth in response to your request to speak about the upcoming year, 2021. There is much to know so that you can live within your journey in a way that will uplift your steppings, regardless of what the external world of illusion presents to you. It is time that the illusion of Earth transforms itself to fit with the ever-expanding consciousness that you hold within the fabric of your being. Let us begin.

As you are well aware, there is great chaos on Earth and in government leaders, the hearts and minds of people, and cause and effect itself. I would like you to understand the reason for the chaos, for it is different from what you would believe or suppose. There have been emissaries that I have called forth to come and assist my suffering children. These emissaries have been (and will continue to) placing within Earth the frequencies of peace, love, and compatibility with all.

You have been devoted to expanding your consciousness and holding peace within your heart. When you have felt called to battle and hold hate within your heart, you have not. Because of your continued dedication to truth, there has been a shift in consciousness. Because of this shift, the emissaries in spirit form have been able to assist you as you continue on your daring spiritual path, which is the path of all beings.