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From Catastrophe to Harmony

From Catastrophe to Harmony Farali

Every year has a few distinguished moments, but 2020 had several world-changing developments. The pandemic has caused waves of social change across the globe, engulfing some and creating panic in others. The lockdowns forced us indoors, creating stress and breaking social ties. One catastrophe hit after another. Many of us thought we would not survive the year.

Despite the negative circumstances, we stand taller and stronger than before. While the pandemic brought distress and fear, it also prepared us for the future. It taught us to be adaptative and aware, qualities that will last for years to come. We feel more prepared for the worst.

In addition to the pandemic, financial stability was also tested, as many of us were laid off from jobs. For some, this became an opportunity. We took breaks from our fast-paced lifestyles to relax, cleanse our inner selves, and elevate our spirits. We also got more training and experience, and we diversified our minds.