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Bridging the Gap Is a Collective Effort

Bridging the Gap Is a Collective Effort The Lion People through Ellyn Dye

The breakdown phase of the great shift of the ages continues. Humanity cried out for assistance, and the breakdown sharply escalated throughout 2020 with the help of the humble coronavirus. This tiny, majestic being came through like a giant wrecking ball and did its job well: It brought the billions of busy humans on the planet to a standstill. It declared a cosmic time-out and assisted Saturn and Pluto (following their momentous conjunction in January) to bring in more light to brightly illuminate all the systems, institutions, organizations, and governments that are not working to support their constituents in a sustainable way. It didn’t stop there: It brought focus to unsustainable aspects in people’s personal lives as well. This illumination has been shocking and extremely painful for many, but it was a necessary part of the ongoing process of the shift. The old must be broken down, so the new can be built.

The past few years have been pivotal for this great shift, and the breakdown phase is finally winding down. The great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the winter solstice, December 21, 2020, at 00° Aquarius, ushers in a huge new beginning and a momentous, new cycle.

After the breakdown comes rebuilding, but first the rubble must be cleared out. This will not necessarily be an easy process, as there are many views on what needs to be done and what the directions and outcomes should be on many, many issues. There could be fits and starts, and trial and error, but great progress will be made. The tenor, tone, and progress of the entire year 2021 will depend much on how much people continue to resist or embrace change.