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The Best Is Yet to Come

The Best Is Yet to Come God through Liane Rich

Liane: God always reminds me that there is more than one way and more than one truth. We view everything in life through our personal perspectives. When God writes through me, the information given is always meant to guide me in the most helpful direction. With that in mind, I share my channeling here with you.

God: When you look for problems, you find problems. Not only do you find problems but also draw problems to you. Why? This is simply because problems are your focus. Right now, your world is split down the middle. Some believe one thing and others totally disagree and believe the opposite. You are in the midst of black-or-white thinking, and you create conflict by pushing your views on your neighbors. It is time to rise above polarities. This is not done through separation and splitting hairs.

Perhaps you think you will move into a world of chaos if you do not gain control over society, politics, and belief systems. You will not fall apart if you do not shout down your neighbor who sees things differently than you do. You can only see from where you stand. Right now, you stand on separate sides of a line of balance. You are at extremes and at odds.