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Ask the Angels: Adopt a Higher Level of Thought

Ask the Angels: Adopt a Higher Level of Thought the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Cheryl: As I forward the words of the angels, please understand that these words are not from the minds of humans. Knowledge from human minds can be distorted, and even if wholly believed, they are not always accurate. Truths from heavenly entities should be received and cherished as sacred covenants for hearts and minds. Angels are God’s holy messengers. Their words have great worth and should not be bandied about in jest or discarded as some psychic’s opinions.

The angels: You ask, “Oh, tell us, what will happen in the next year? What is to become of us?” Yes, I can tell you the many ways Earth will move into despair and drought, or I can tell you how the world will prosper in new technology, new perceptions of the soul and mind, new discoveries, new realizations, and new awareness of being alive.

The world of Earth is in trouble. The souls of Earth need to stop their reverse direction and grow toward creating a better world. You want me to write of predictions of the future. It is now being formed in the minds of people. It will occur now as people think and plan. It will occur as hearts feel. The life of each soul is meant to leap to a higher level than has been known in the world.