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The Arrival of the New Spiritual Interface

The Arrival of the New Spiritual Interface Ascended Master Kuthumi through Saryon Michael White

This is your Master Kuthumi. Thank you for always receiving me so gratefully. There is a deepening spirit of unity and sacred family here. It is growing, and it reflects more of what we wish to inspire in each of you. In each of your communities and networks, this deeper spirit of sacred family is strengthening. It is part of the circle that is growing in human consciousness.

I wish to speak a bit about the role each of you has in helping us create things that will, no doubt, become very powerful resources to awakening human beings. You can imagine the great discussions that we had in the halls of Shambhala, in the great meeting spaces where we all spoke.

We addressed various plans and blueprints to create and restore things inside of humanity that are part of your collective human potential. We looked at the brain, nervous system, and endocrine system of the human being and at the state of health of the whole human organism, including the human chakra system. We began to work with the instruments of light, sacred geometric patterns, and the dispensations of light coming from many different sources: planetary, galactic, cosmic, and beyond.