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Apocalypse: the Great Awakening

Apocalypse: the Great Awakening The Cosmic Zodiac through Robert FitzGerald

“Apocalypse” means revealing what is hidden. What is hidden is that we are gods, and now is our time for awakening to this fact. The Pisces era of the Age of Pisces lasts from 1980 to 2160. Everything happens within the matrix of time under the guidance of astrological ages. People have long assumed that an age is an even 2,000 years, giving us the millennial fervor around our year 2000. But ages are not 2,000 years long; they are 2,160 years long. The Mayan long-count calendar did not pan out according to our interpretation of it, either.

But these are merely calendar problems, and we are still on track to ascension. We just need a better, more accurate calendar. The Western calendar is aligned with astrological ages, eras, and phases. Everything happening today is doing so perfectly within this Western astrological template. Yes, it promises destruction, for a very good reason, but it also shows us the way forward to our awakening.

In the Christian religion, the apocalypse is promoted as a warlike vision of good versus evil as God’s wrath and punishment for not worshipping God/Christ through the church. But at a deeper and truer level, the apocalypse really means the revelation of our divinity and creative abilities. This means that history will get even more uncertain and possibly destructive to force us to go deeper into our hearts to access creative love. Current history will test us to create a new Pisces dream, a new reality of love and happiness. We are here to actually create a whole new reality.