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Anchor Your Energy with Natural Elements

Anchor Your Energy with Natural Elements Joshua through Zintis Muiznieks

Greetings, friends. We join you today to discuss matters occurring on your Earth. As we observe from the outside, we see swirling and chaotic energies — energies that interfere with the predictive nature of information being asked of us, for the outcomes are uncertain. For that reason, we will focus on what you can do for yourselves and your communities during this historical time in your society.

We see quite clearly that many of you will instinctively and intuitively engage in the activities we are about to describe. Let us examine how you can find a place of calm, peace, and even joy as you move forward on your individual paths and try to negotiate the larger currents buffeting you.

First, the best course at this time is to connect with nature and the earth. Join with natural elements such as plants, animals, stars, the Sun, clouds, or anything else that is of natural manifestation. For those of you with houses, yards, or gardens, it is quite simple for you to spend time outside. But don’t just be outside; be there with intention. Commune with Earth and your surroundings, and allow yourselves to become immersed in these healing and calming energies. You are constituted of them; your makeup is the same as that of Earth and all its different components, be they minerals, water, or even nonphysical energy. If you can make this connection, that will be of great benefit to you.