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Allow Your Fears to Surface

Allow Your Fears to Surface Jesus through Tina Louise Spalding

You are blessed beings, indeed. I am the one you know as Jesus. We want you to think about your personal journey as you are going through these transformations that your society is experiencing. It’s very important for you to allow yourself the feelings that you have. The feelings, fears, upsets, and anger — whatever is coming up for you is revealing your belief system to you.

You are experiencing completely new situations; for some of you, they are quite severe situations in terms of lockdowns, job losses, or income losses. And it is important to allow the arising fears, upsets, and angers that are to surface, because if you just push them down, they go nowhere. They go nowhere. They turn into disease. They turn into inappropriate reactions to loved ones. They do all kinds of things, but they do not go anywhere.

Do not repress what you’re feeling. If you’re afraid for your future, have a look at what story you’re telling yourself. Have a look at what you are predicting for the future. Instead of predicting dire circumstances, start looking at alternatives that you might have access to or that you could discover or invent or participate in that will alleviate those fears.