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2021: The Year Humanity Will Heal Themselves with Light at Home

2021: The Year Humanity Will Heal Themselves with Light at Home Dr. Raja Merk Dove & Astaria Seraphina

When asked why people should heal with Epoch Lasers (EL) light, Zadok Ra Osiris, ND, DD, responded: “Cosmic energy is abundant in the cosmos. To gather and direct this energy, the Epoch 980nm Laser and the Epoch InfraHelios Light System, in my opinion, is the best and simplest path to choose for receiving positive healing energy” ( The inventions of Nikola Tesla are responsible for bringing light to planet Earth; namely, through his AC generating system. Similarly, the Epoch Lasers (EL) technology brought forward by Tesla scientist Jim Ohneck is now bringing healing light to the world.

Light energy is used to help us see — either naturally (using the Sun or fire) or with synthetic objects, such as candles or lightbulbs. Light energy is also used by plants. Plants capture light energy from the Sun and use it to produce their food.

At Epoch Lasers, we use infrared light energy to stimulate the healing energy that is everywhere around us and within us. The Radiant Laser Light of the 980nm and the InfraHelios light systems stimulate the healing energy within you to reduce pain and swelling and thus to commence longer-lasting healing.