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Your DNA Is Expanding

Your DNA Is Expanding Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

Greetings, soul travelers. What awaits you during this upcoming cycle of transformation will affect your planet, your outer experiences, and — more importantly — your inner world. This is why many of you are experiencing such profound and overwhelming emotions. You are transitioning to a new paradigm of your human experience, affecting your thoughts, perceptions, and attitudes. You might wonder how you will survive the inner and outer turbulence you face.

Nothing happens by chance. You might say, “But I have free will.” Your free will is about your reaction. It is about how you respond mentally, verbally, or physically to any situation. Soul growth happens within you, not in situations presented through interactions and events. Many times, your ego self creates fear, worry, and dismay. How do you choose to respond? How do you choose to be aware of your full energetic self? This is your free will in action.

Humanity and your planet have gone through great changes for some years. In 2020 and over the following three years, you will realize a greater awareness within you, my friend. This is your DNA expanding. It must expand in order for humanity to awaken to a new awareness of compassion, love, and a true desire for greater peace. We have guided you through great dimensional shifts in your past. We now guide you through the greatest event of all.