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You Will See the Truth of Your Eternal Nature

You Will See the Truth of Your Eternal Nature Kosmopharos through Vera Nadine Boinn

Good morrow to our brethren on Earth. What an exciting time for you. We say exciting because the time has finally come to shake loose that which is not authentic and was never meant to be a part of the human condition. You are peeling back the layers of artifice that you have created around yourselves that remove you from nature.

Your spirit has chosen to be here in this auspicious time because you know now that the learning you seek for your soul’s progress is going to be accelerated. The distractions to your path are going to be removed at a rapid pace, which will set you free. What we can say to you about this time is that the process of being set free does not always feel comfortable, just as birth is frightening and painful for both the mother and the child being born.

Such is the same for the time you are living in now on your planet. The planet will ache, as will society, and people will feel the discomfort of uncertainty. The soul will know that you are headed toward something that is divine and great beyond expression, but the personality — the individual consciousness — may experience this in many different ways.