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You Are Nothing but the Sky

You Are Nothing but the Sky Hamón through Lyssa Royal Holt

Lyssa: Hamón is an ambassador from Sirius who continues the evolution-assistance work the ancient Sirians initiated on Earth many thousands of years ago. He began channeling through Lyssa in 2011 to help prepare for the 2012 transition.

Hamón: Greetings, my friends, we wish to share information about 2020 and beyond. We recognize the pattern you are experiencing in your mass consciousness as common for civilizations transitioning from third to fourth density. As you know, the state of fourth-density consciousness is one that begins the process of the integration of polarity. Third density is, of course, the reality in which you experience the most polarity. Therefore, as a civilization begins its shift into a fourth-density reality, it must confront the parts of itself that it has invested in the consciousness of polarity.

Please know that I speak from experience because of what my civilization went through in the ancient past. The guidance we give you now is not only based on ancient Sirian experience, but it is also based on patterns we have seen in other physical civilizations as they, too, transitioned from third to fourth density.