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You Are the Leaders

You Are the Leaders The Pleiadians through Anara WhiteBear

Can you feel that there is something being brought forth that you have not experienced before? Can you feel that you are the one who is bringing it forth? You must now create from a place that has not been experienced before. You must now create from a place of bravery, breaking through and out of an old paradigm of experience.

This is what is frustrating you. You thought that you could help from the same paradigm that those you assist live in, and now you know you cannot do this anymore. You must help from a different place than what they are experiencing.

This is difficult because it separates you from those you love, care about, and want to connect with. But the connection has been broken because it is the time of the new. If you stay where you were and where they want you to be, you will hold them back. You will not only hold yourself back but you will hold them back.