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What Are You Doing While Waiting to Ascend?

What Are You Doing While Waiting to Ascend? Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, as we monitor your progress, measure the light quotient of your thought patterns, and observe how valiant and stalwart you are in your endeavors to integrate the wondrous energies of Creator consciousness, we are most gratified, as well as amazed, at your astounding progress. The maelstrom of negative thought forms that have swirled throughout the three lower astral planes, affecting humanity for eons of time, are gradually being replaced by uplifting thought forms of hope, inspiration, and joy. This allows the switch from a now-prevalent reality of scarcity, limitation, and negativity to an assurance of abundance, peace, and harmony as everyone’s divine birthright. All you have to do to claim your heritage is accept as your truth that you are worthy, and then solidify that reality via your positive thoughts, deeds, and actions.

A wondrous new vision, a powerful probable future for humanity and Earth, awaits your entrance into a fifth-dimensional environment that strengthens and magnifies moment by moment. It is a future whereby all humanity — as well as the mineral, vegetable, animal, devic, and elemental kingdoms — peacefully coexist on Earth. Envision an Earth that is pristine in its beauty, has sparkling-clear water, and has clean, healthy air to breathe. It will be a world of abundance and plenty in which no one suffers from lack of adequate food, shelter, or opportunity. Earth will be a world that honors and respects different races, cultures, beliefs, and traditions, where no one tries to force his or her beliefs on others or denies others the right to live their own truths and follow their own customs.

As more of you slowly withdraw your attention from the self-limiting thought patterns of old, they gradually dissolve and become ineffectual. Have we not told you over and over again, “Your thoughts have energy — positive or negative — and what you focus on, you magnify”?