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Truth Made Manifest

Truth Made Manifest Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, my dear ones! I am Teacher, and I have come forth on a request to speak about the upcoming year, 2020. Hang on to your hats, and stay with me because I am going to teach you something that is bigger than big and that will help with what is to be made manifest on Earth during this year of 2020. Ready? Here we go!

Firstly, let’s all agree that the news is not going to change overnight. The difficulties, horrors, and the sadness is not going to go away just because the year turns on itself. Now, don’t let that turn you away from what I am going to say. There is a way to go about participating with the uplifting frequencies that reside on Earth. There is a way to place yourselves within them and not put your head in the sand at the same time.

You see, we are being asked to be real about the complete truth and not just part of it. The part of it that holds the horrors is real — no doubt about it. Yet, all that is occurring that is not reported in the news is also very real. In truth and in fact, it is the most important news there is. You perhaps know already what I am referring to, but still I ask you to stay with me because we are going to dance a dance together that will just fill you with joy, and my dears, you deserve this joy, you really do.