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Trust What Unfolds

Trust What Unfolds One Life through Catherine Weser

You are in the middle of the 2012 through 2025 cycle of undoing, and the year 2020 continues much of the dynamic dismantling of culture and self that was prominent in 2019. However, as 2020 is past the midpoint of this cycle, there is likely to be at least a few glimpses of the new human/new world paradigm.

Right now, your culture depends on shared values and connections, but it has a chasm in its middle, making the distance between people of differing belief systems seem greater than ever before. As this chasm continues to grow, there are new possibilities developing in its deepest regions.

There are possibilities for new forms of communication to develop and greater understanding of the necessity of evolving and growing true rapport among all people. This could be new technology that allows greater sharing of the subtle and emotional content of communication. It could be a recognition of the value of old forms of communication and an integration the old and the new.