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The Timelines Are a Changin’

The Timelines Are a Changin’ the Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby

Many variables have stacked up. Humans — as co-creators — are in the process of sorting out timeline choices. Timeline cycles are evolving. Epic ancient scriptures of India have enumerated great cosmic cycles of time with endless repetitions. Events happen over and over. “There is nothing new under the sun” [Ecclesiastes 1:9, NIT]. This phrase also refers to living a life without the light of higher knowledge or purpose.

Our planet is well underway with an amazing, new, and unique evolutionary spin in the galaxies. (Yes, we say “our,” as we are intimately connected and cooperating with the fabulous transformations underway, and we are very much part of the planetary matrix.)

Higher-frequency and ever-more-detailed light codes interweave their galactic knowledge and holograms into both human consciousness and various Earth grids. More and more humans are developing the ability to download, integrate, and then energetically broadcast these light-code blueprints into the greater planetary hologram. Regardless if your human mind knows this, your soul knows. It is this energy body that elevates us all. We all contribute to it. We all draw conscious breath from it. It is interactive, and its frequency is exponentially increasing and speeding up.