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A Time of Change and Balance

A Time of Change and Balance Brahman through Pablo Morano

We are in a place not far from where you belong. The distance is just a matter of perception of what you, as a human, can experience from that point of view. Remember that you are human, but you are also divine in every way. This is of utmost importance now.

You are realizing your divinity, but time engages with your humanity as well, as that is the most precious experience you can have in this incarnation. Only by accepting both — your divinity and your humanness — can you act as the universe. Life can push forward through you and into the moment to change things. You are the eyes and hands of God. You live inside God, and God lives inside you. It is the ultimate paradox and the most important spiritual realization for what is to come.

From the place where we observe, moments of relative peace and silence are coming. The times can only be as dark as you allow them to be, and in all the chaos that many of you perceive, an order of things wants to arrive. The universe always balances itself in the bigger picture, just as your soul tries to do the same in the smaller picture of your life.