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Stored Energy Creates Physical Disease

Stored Energy Creates Physical Disease Dr. Robert W. Walker

The new science of quantum physics has proven that all things, including us, are composed of trillions of swirling atoms. As humans, we have a hard time visualizing ourselves as energy in the form of light particles and light waves captured in a physical form. When we think of health and wellness in the new energy, we must examine how we maintain a body that is balanced and not susceptible to disease and aging.

When we think of our bodies, we think of what we see when we look in the mirror. We think that is all there is to us, and we fail to realize we are four bodies in one. We also have emotional bodies that house all of our emotions, both positive and negative. We have mental bodies that hold all the belief systems we collect over our lifetimes from our families, educators, friends, and environment. The fourth body is the soul, or spirit, which is the piece of God’s spirit we receive at birth. It silently stays with us until the day we die when it returns to the Supreme Creator, which some call heaven.

Though we think of the physical body as finite, what is the reality of being a human in energy form? We are born, grow up, live our working lives, retire, age to a certain number of years, and die. If the physical body is composed of energy, something is wrong with that picture.