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Sing Your Soul Song

Sing Your Soul Song The Angels of Light through Thelma Bodnar

You are told the heavens are filled with the songs of angels singing praise to God above. Are you aware that your Earth also fills with songs of praise and love? You are a part of the choir, whether you realize it or not! Each of you has a song in your soul — your soul song, if you will. Your soul sings its joy, peace, love, expectations, and guidance through you. We ask you: Are you aware of it? Do you recognize the love your heart diffuses? Are you eager to be a vessel to expand and amplify your soul song?

Do You Know Where Your Soul Is Today?

We can say with utmost confidence that you have become more aware of your soul’s activities. You are more receptive when times are good and less appreciative when things seem to go wrong. However, with each new day, you have become more aware of that inner nudge, that inner request for a response more in line with who you truly are. You all have an image of what you look like on the outside. However, at times, when you see your reflection in a mirror later in the day, it might appear as a shocking distortion of what you remembered looking at in the mirror just that morning. How is that possible? Sure, your makeup is less vibrant, and your hair has been windblown. But that isn’t all, is it? You see an image before you that seems strange and unrecognizable. You might like what you see now, but maybe it’s a totally unacceptable resemblance to what you chose earlier to present to the world.

It’s similar to the inner person you think you are. You may still see yourselves as you were ten years ago. You may think you still like doing specific activities and that you feel the same about the objects you’ve collected surround you, and you have favorite foods that call your name. Have you taken the time to investigate your inner self in these past ten years?