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Remember, You Are a Channel Too

Remember, You Are a Channel Too The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

Sarah: The Heart of the Mother wants you to become a channel of creative wisdom in 2020. Everyone should know how to channel the grander, universal knowledge and live in alignment with the creative life force. When we realize our capacity to attune our energies day by day with the higher frequency energies pouring through us, we will be on the path to sovereignty and wise living.

The Heart of the Mother: While I’m preparing Sarah, the channel, to receive this transmission, you can take the time to receive it too. You are each a channel of spirit. Why not welcome guidance through your direct connection instead of through another human being? I want you to feel empowered and experience your direct relationship with the universal, living energies of the Creator. You are the creator, as am I.

Sarah allows herself to become grounded, open, and receptive. She is awake and aware as I channel this information to her. She readies herself by attuning to the present time. She gathers her energies that are entangled with the past and future to receive my message clearly into her body, mind, and emotions. Her spirit is always with me, but the rest of her can get off track. Unless she realigns deeply with my heart, she will project her thoughts and feelings into the channeling and also experience discomfort and resistance in her body.