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Rejoice in the Love and Light

Rejoice in the Love and Light Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

I am here. Do you feel my presence? It is my prediction for 2020 that you will feel me everywhere — in everything — and this means everyone. Male dominance, hate, war, power for power’s sake, oppression, and depression will wane. Can you wake up every morning to think and feel love? It is too soon to feel love for all; I clearly see that now, but it is your choice to love or not.

This is your new world you are creating. I just assist you by overlighting you with love. In the new year, you will feel more of this love energy, and you will give more of this love energy. Just by feeling it for a moment, you are sending it to others who will feel it. We see it happening everywhere. We know you feel this change in the air. It is like winter to spring.

From our perspective, you can’t think your way out of the problems trailing behind you on your march through 3D to 5D. Thinking is part of the old Earth. Overthinking is what got you into this mess, so listen carefully to those obsessive thoughts, and move into your heart. Replace those words with feelings of love. In 2020, nothing of the mind will move you forward, so stop thinking, and start feeling.