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Rebuild Hope

Rebuild Hope The Collective Soul of Your Galaxy through Carolyn Gervais

The year 2020, which is a 4 vibration in numerology, is about structure — laying new foundations to start a rebuilding process. In 2020, you people of Gaia/Earth will begin to see glimmers of hope for a more orderly existence, as you increasingly choose to come out of the darkness and chaos of 2019. This is not to say you will leave darkness and chaos behind completely, but the new energy of 2020 will provide a foothold to begin a foundation of hope for humanity.

The year 2019 equals a 3 vibration. Like all numbers in numerology, it has a positive and a negative expression. In government and society, you witnessed the 3 vibration demonstrated through political protests all around your planet, as people came together for positive change. This manifestation took place with the strong support of the 3 vibration, which is the energy of enthusiasm, communication, outspokenness, emotion, drama, and diversity.

The darker side of the 3 energy manifested in 2019 in many world leaders who lacked vision and appeared to be absorbed by greed and self-aggrandizement. The 2020 energy vibration of the number 40 will help temper the trend of self-absorption by steadily rebuilding the structures of your world community.