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Re-establish Your Connection with Spirit

Re-establish Your Connection with Spirit Mentor through Elizabeth Joyce

An aligning flow of energy spirals down to Earth from the center of our galaxy. These universal energies contain all knowledge of all the universes combined, and they are available to anyone who can reach up and access them using the new spiritual chakras.

It’s time to re-establish your mind and body with the energy of your soul. Once you have established this connection through focused meditation, it will strengthen you and help guide you as you walk your path. The petals of your soul are opening, along with the new spiritual chakras, and a brilliant amber light pours into the center of your being — your aura, body, and heart.

Sometimes you don’t realize what your inner being (your unconscious) is and all that it holds. You go through life with your ups and downs — your loving days and sad days. You bury desires and memories of past events, figuring you can’t do much to change them. Suddenly, the things you’ve held within and ruminated over for years come up and manifest. It seems like a coincidence. You ask yourself, “How did Spirit know? How did the universe know this was what I’ve been thinking about and secretly desired?”