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Prepare for Intense Change

Prepare for Intense Change Lady Portia and Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

Lady Portia: Dearest ones, know that you are entering a powerful period of change that will affect the physical/material world circumstances of your lives in many unexpected ways. Stay positive in your focus, even in the midst of all the challenges that will be created by so many changes happening at once. You can choose to focus on positive themes that assist you in keeping a positive attitude. This is important, because your consciousness is so extraordinarily creative and powerful in these higher frequencies of energy.

You can expect important foundational changes in your lives as well, including changes in your physical bodies. Be open to these changes! Do not fight them out of a sense of fear. Know that everything is going to change, and you can either go with it or fight it. But things are going to change — in powerful, new, and exciting ways. This will be beneficial change for Earth, and all of you, as you stay aligned with light; we cannot overemphasize this.

Overall, this process will be a beneficial change in the circumstances of people’s lives, but there are some things, including the effects of this process, which may seem abrupt, unsettling, or frightening. Remember to hold your center point in the light and refuse to be moved by fear, lower energies, or emotions. Many people will simply have to become accustomed to a faster rate of change in their lives and the material world, which are sometimes found to be based on old, lower-frequency energies.