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Prepare for the Blossoming of Your Soul

Prepare for the Blossoming of Your Soul The Pleiadians through Sylvia Bucek

Your bodies are hard-wired for the metamorphosis you are experiencing, but your human-created world is not. That is changing. Your human-created world is the forum where history unfolds; it is the stage on which your story plays out. The happy ending, for all intents and purposes, is out of this world; it is as huge a giant leap for humankind as when a man walked on the Moon half a century ago.

Ironically, it was around the time of the moon landing that those of you who grew up in the sixties heard your home planet calling for help. When you answered the call back then, did you know that the next moonshot would see people emerging in higher worlds?

From the higher perspective, you see your world simultaneously crumbling and reassembling. Your job is to go with the flow and make it look easy by holding the worldview anchored in your heart — the worldview that you came into the world with, when you were unmindful of the rift between humans and the natural kingdom.