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Peak Energies Manifest for the Transformation of Reality

Peak Energies Manifest for the Transformation of Reality The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

The opportunity for humanity to accelerate consciousness is the prevailing energy of 2020. You are the catalyst for the energy factors to initiate powerful waves of transformational frequencies into the collective reality. Each action generated from the heart consciousness accelerates as a quantum vibration in the dynamics of reality on the Earth plane. Reality is fluid. A constant stream of high-velocity energy flows through perceptual reality. The patterns that form the hologram of your perceptual reality shift faster than your logical mind and your perception can comprehend.

The lightworkers have created a weaving of harmonic vibrations in the morphogenetic field that supports this transformation. Their years of work and dedication to the service of love come to fruition as more and more humans feel the energy and awaken a new state of consciousness.

The old paradigm energy will struggle to maintain control with only illusion as the tool of oppression The power of the flow of harmonic energy will cause transparency, and more people will perceive the charade that has supported the false paradigm. Secrets will keep coming to light, as the power agendas can no longer hide them.