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The Orion Prophecy

The Orion Prophecy Archangel Metatron and the Orion Guardians through Saiedah Nur

Orion has been a gateway to your galaxy for some time. The energy of Orion is the key to the akashic records, the Divine mind, and the blueprint of your divine essence. Beginning from the ancient civilization of Lemuria, the Melchizedek Order that sparked from Orion streamed forth the seeds of divine light through Orion into Lemuria.

These seeds served as the foundation of the divine plan, the Divine intelligence from which a loving system could be built upon. The Melchizedek Order of Orion served as a bridge between heaven and Earth. This Divine influence continued into ancient Egypt as the light of Orion served to guide the people of Egypt through their architecture and journey through life.

This light of Orion nourishes Earth with the intelligence of Divine nature. At this moment, a shift is occurring. For a long period of time, a majority of the souls that have incarnated on Earth have been Sirian in origin. However, the shift that is occurring will call forth a new generation of souls to incarnate on the planet, those who carry the Orion frequency. The energy of Sirius assisted in shaking up the old foundation, the systems set in place but no longer serving your highest potential.