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November: Take Stock and Move Forward

November: Take Stock and Move Forward Donna Taylor

As nights draw in and temperatures drop, it’s a natural time to turn within, slow down, and gather for the introspective phase to come. How many of us actually do that? How many of us live in sync with nature and her rhythms? If we are out of step with natural law, November will be the month we realize we need to make some adjustments — slow down, reflect, and return to home base to conserve energy.

Trying to maintain a busy pace with an outward focus could bring a few tests. Perhaps the car or computer acts up. Maybe a breakdown in communication causes us, or the other person, to show up at the wrong time. We misunderstand someone’s motives, which makes things tricky for a while. We are being shown that something in life just isn’t working, and we can’t carry on pretending everything is rosy.

We have Mercury to thank for these tests, as it spends most of the month retrograding through the sign of Scorpio. This is a deep and intense journey that will cause many of us to face things we normally prefer to gloss over. Confrontations with shadows will be difficult to avoid, but figuring out how to integrate them will be a big step toward wholeness. If we don’t, we’re likely to find our dark sides mirrored back via other people; if we find ourselves upset or angry with someone, they might be reflecting some aspect of our unconscious behavior.