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A New Mentality for the Future

A New Mentality for the Future We Who Watch through Susan Sampson

We Who Watch Earth — its energies, stresses, inhabitants, and how all of that affects the human experience — offer the following insights.

In the far reaches of the future, civilization will progress beyond the class system that now exists. Each human being will be engaged in education that allows their innate drives and interests to grow. Human beings will understand the uniqueness of each individual and how each contributes to life and society if allowed to unfold his or her gifts. As that happens, each life will, again, become precious. This change is the root of making equality for each human being a precept that will be embraced in that distant future.

In the next twenty-five to thirty-five years, education will evolve into playful forms that encourage learning. Eventually, the depth of subjects taught to children will match current beginning-level university lessons. Those children who receive this enlightened instruction will further the evolving teaching modalities that bring about the future we foresee.