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Navigating the Rough Seas of Change

Navigating the Rough Seas of Change Phyllis Light

Being in a human body can be stressful. You never received a how-to manual when you first got here. You had to rely on what your parents and the rest of your family members taught you. You assumed that what you experienced with them was normal and thus continued to expect the same treatment throughout the rest of your life.

Often, as you got older, you came to find out that what you thought was the norm was far from it. The people around you acted differently. Some of you thought love would solve all your problems only to find out love was often a source of heartbreak and disappointment. Where were you supposed to find the answers? What was real?

The Nature of Transformation

Life has proven hard and confusing for many of you who have tried to do as you were told for so many years. After trying your parents’ way, you often found yourself unhappy, alone, and wondering where you went wrong. At some point, life might have gotten so bad that you finally had to wake up and take a different, more spiritual path in which self-awareness, personal growth, and reconnecting with God and your higher self were all that made sense.