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Live in a Higher State of Being

Live in a Higher State of Being The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home, dear ones. We gather this day to give our perspective on the game that is underway on Earth.

Evolution: Humanity is evolving at an increased pace, and that is difficult for humans in many ways. At times, you feel you’re in survival mode. The human race, as it is called, is on an evolution similar to Earth’s. You are both evolving to carry much more spirit light. The human physical body is of the earth. That evolution is underway, which opens new possibilities to live every day in a higher state of being.

Physical-spiritual rebalance: Big changes are beginning on the physical level. As you learn to carry more light in your physical body, you begin to change. Although changes thus far have been minimal, your rate of change is the same that you see for the planet. The magnificent energy vessel in which you play this game is evolving. On the spirit level, your human template is no longer needed. It was a suggested energy outline that you chose before entering the game. Most of you reading this have upgraded or released yours already, but even if you haven’t, it is no longer needed.