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Live in Celebration

Live in Celebration The Council of LightSong through Jan Engels-Smith

We are focused on Earth and all her inhabitants — the human ones and all other life forms. We live in dimensions of pure love, and our hearts celebrate the positive potentials available to you. The one called Jan has asked about a prediction for your year 2020 and what it will bring to your beautiful planet, especially in the area of the United States.

Jan has shared with us in her prayers that you have experienced much turmoil, chaos, pain, and loss. This is a temporary situation. A parallel reality of your Earth and country exists that is in perfection — love, collaboration, unification, and support for each other. This reality is accessible and grows in collective consciousness as people pray and desire change and greater compassion. Your prayers are strong and mighty; they make a difference. They gather energy and grow in their collective power to manifest in 3D reality.

We advise you in the United States, and all humanity, to celebrate your divinity. Know and trust that you are loved and heard, and your prayers matter. Spend time each day celebrating the joy of a smile, the beauty of a flower, the wonders of technology, the laughter of a child, and all the luxuries at your fingertips. There is much to celebrate, and this celebration resonates into the universe, giving fuel to your prayers. The dismal conditions you might find yourself in, or perceive yourself in, can change in an instant. Live as if this is already in the now. It is yours. It is now.