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The Liberation

The Liberation Mother Mary and Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene and St. Francis of Assisi and John the Baptist and Archangel Michael and King Solomon and King David and Source Itself through Heather Kristian Strang

Dearest divine ones, it is a time like no other. If we are as clear as we wish to be, it is a time somewhat similar to what you have lived before in other incarnations. Only now, you are equipped with greater details and clarity about this Earth plane you live on and the requirements necessary to thrive in your experience. You have tried all the options, have you not? You have all tried competition and greed, you have tried lust and anger, and you have tried jealousy and envy. However, none of those things brought you solace, comfort, or all that you most desire. And what do you most desire?

At the core of the core of it all, you truly desire fulfillment, deep satisfaction, and true inner peace. You desire to wake up without a care in the world because you are so fully led by the Divine, the sacred, and the truth of who you really are. You know you are safe. You know you are cared for. You no longer need those outside you and around you to validate or enslave you.

You are here to be the sovereign being that you truly are — all while in a body. We know not many of you have been able to do so. Certainly those previously in bodies can attest to the tremendous strength, courage, and freewill choices for empowerment required to be who you really are and to live your divine truth while in a body. Even so, it is a time like this that you have longed for. The cosmos and the power of All That Is supports you in being exactly who you came here to be while in a body during this most abundant time in your unfolding.