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It Is Your World to Create

It Is Your World to Create Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

We connect once again for the purpose of sharing energy. You call them words, but in truth, it is all energy. The way your body and your brain interpret the energy you receive is what you call communication, whether by reading or hearing the words. That is the narrowest of definitions for what transpires between us. The reality is more complete and holistic.

What takes place in actuality during our communication is a complete exchange of the entirety of our energy, both yours and ours. It is not just the small range of frequency that humans determine to be thought but also all energies of all frequencies that we send to you and all of your frequencies that we receive from you. This is why many entities being channeled, as you call it, say there is more to their messages than the words you hear or read. There is a full range of energetic frequencies exchanged in any communication between two or more beings. In your reality, this includes beings from other dimensions and worlds as well as all living things on your planet. Yes — all living things on your planet and in your dimension.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you continually receive information in the form of energy from everything around you. Likewise, you continually send informative energy to all around you.