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How Will You Respond to the Truth?

How Will You Respond to the Truth? Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell

Everyone believed that 2012 would bring significant changes. What was not understood was that it was the beginning of a new era. Once an energetic threshold is crossed, it is, in reality, a new wave of energy. Waves of energy have a frequency. Actions in harmonic balance with the energetic wave are amplified, and those that are not are canceled. The more in harmony — or matched — to the frequency of the new energy, the more it is supported. Whenever a prediction is made about change, it is due to the sensing of a new threshold of energy about to be crossed.

In 2019, you are seven years into this energetic shift. In this instance, “seven” refers to the beginning of wisdom. Much has paraded in front of humanity for the past seven years, and now is the time when the collective consciousness begins to see through all the dishonesty, drama, and misdirection. Everything presented in dishonesty will be in disharmony and begin to fall apart. The veil will lift, so to speak. New actions meant to be dishonest will not be energetically supported and will fall apart effortlessly. This is the nature of the new wave. Everything will be revealed, and it will bring you to a new crossroad.

How will you respond to the truth? You have all asked for the truth, and many knew the truth was coming. Now how do you go forward from here? Will knowing the truth bring out a call to use the flawed concept of justice? Will the banner of truth become the colors of a new inquisition? This is the challenge for you in 2020.