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Heal Yourself, Heal Earth

Heal Yourself, Heal Earth Gaia through Rae Chandran

Hello, my family, this is Gaia, the living spirit of planet Earth. Much has been written and speculated about me. From the earliest times, humanity has had a fascination with me and my counterpart, the Moon, for the Moon and I are interconnected in more ways than humanity is aware.

Many changes are happening on your planet, and people espouse many theories why this is so, from climate change to great polarization and violence. Some have even said that my demise is near. I must admit, people of the planet have great imaginations and grand ideas, and they use them to explain what is happening on my body. Let me share some views about myself.

As a sentinel spirit, I cannot be destroyed. That means Earth will not be destroyed, nor will it explode or tilt on its axis. What you see happening on my body is just a tiny part of my overall existence. When you form an opinion about me or judge me just from looking through this narrow window, what you see might cause you anxiety. I want all of you to look at me as a quantum field, the same as you are a quantum field. We are quantum beings. I am very aware of this, and I operate from this perspective. Hence, I see the changes happening on the planet as necessary steps to balance my tiny, irritated parts. Imagine warding off a tiny mosquito that has become an annoying presence on your body. I see all the problems happening on my body as little nuisances, not as obstacles to my growth. I am in the process of restoring harmony on my body by taking care of these little irritating nuisances.