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Guidance Arrives in Messages

Guidance Arrives in Messages The Divine through Sara Wiseman

Some of you hear us in your minds. You are attuned to language, words, speech, and sound, so this is how we reach you. Remember: The universe speaks to you in the language that you best and most easily understand. Thus, visions will be the primary mode of direct connection for some. Others will receive guidance in messages.

Remember: You receive from your soul. Thus, the human experience of seeing a vision in the room or hearing a message audibly, as you would in your everyday world, is not how the soul communicates — not with the eye or via the ear. The soul receives information in the higher frequencies of universal vibration, and this shows up in your mind’s eye, mind’s ear, and heart. This means you receive visions from the universe in your mind’s eye. You receive messages from the universe in your mind’s ear.

You receive knowing from the universe in your heart. Recall: The heart is where the soul resides. When you receive in messages, they may show up in a few ways. The language that you hear as a human is not usually translatable in receiving. When you hear messages from guides, this is usually a form of telepathy in the mind’s ear.