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Great Change on Cellular and Dimensional Levels

Great Change on Cellular and Dimensional Levels Angel Raphael through Adria Estribou

This is angel Raphael. Grace, grace, and more grace is upon you. It will be a year of great change. The change happens on the cellular level and in the energetic playing field.

Externally, you can expect your world to align more and more with the fifth and higher dimensions and all the hallmarks of those higher ascended levels, such as your thoughts becoming your world more instantaneously, less focus on the denser world, and more focus on lightening your soul space. The hallmarks of third-dimensional living falling away increasingly in the coming year are struggles, linear thinking, and attachment to money.

These are not the only hallmarks, but they are the ones you might notice most in the coming year. When your thoughts instantly become your reality and you can wish what you want into being, money becomes less important. So we encourage you to practice that — wishing and receiving — so that you don’t feel so fear bound to the monetary systems and that old slavery way in which you were deluded into thinking that if you only worked hard enough for enough years, you could get what you want. We would like you to have what you want now. The fifth- and higher-dimensional realities make that possible. That is the wider energetic landscape you are coming into.