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Give Your Love in the Best Ways Possible

Give Your Love in the Best Ways Possible SaLuSa through Jayne Chilkes

Jayne: We are at the end of the Mayan calendar cycle of 26,000 years. This is a time of great change as prophesied by the Hopi, Tibetan Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Romans, Greeks, and the Bible.

Please continue in 2020 to prepare for the shifts in your body temple, mind expansion, and soul nourishment. Be open to more downloads, and journal your insights. Practice jumping frequencies in meditation, and use affirmations and mantras. Always work with the purest love and light as you get used to being transdimensional. Remember, you control your comfort levels in these transitions.

It’s a deep and profound transition to jump from the apparent solidity of the material 3D plane to the energetic spaces of the higher dimensions. You may still flip-flop between the higher and 3D density. Always be kind to yourself in your ascension process. Every small step in your spiral upward counts toward higher consciousness and the ascension body codes settling into your cells.